Species: Solanum pennellii Common Name: Taxonomy: Solaneae; Solanum; Lycopersicon
Description of Trichomes:
Glandular secreting trichomes (GST).

Of the tomato and its relatives, Solanum pennellii possesses high densities of type IV glandular trichomes on the leaf surfaces (Lemke and Mutschler, 1984). Type IV trichomes consist of a short, multicellular stalk and secrete droplets of sticky exudate at the tip.

The exudate of the type IV trichomes chiefly contains 2,3,4-triacylglucoses (Goffreda et al., 1989), which inhibit aphid settling and are correlated with field resistance to aphids (Goffreda et al., 1990).

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Publications: 18931142