Species: Nicotiana tabacum Common Name: common tobacco Taxonomy: Nicotianoideae; Nicotianeae; Nicotiana
Description of Trichomes:
Peltate glandular secreting trichomes (GST).

Tobacoo leaf trichomes are glandular and there are two different types. Both are tall trichome (multicellular stalk, unicellular or multicellular head) and the short trichome (unicellular stalk, multicellular head) exhibit characteristics common to gland cells --- a dense cytoplasm, numerous mitochondria, and little vacuolation. The tall trichome contains structurally well developed chloroplasts and an elaborate network of endoplasmic reticulum. The short trichome contains undifferentiated plastids and endoplasmic reticulum which parallels the nucleus and plasmalemma. Few dictyosomes are seen either in the short trichome or in the tall trichome. The short trichome appears to undergo structural changes concurrently with the appearance of secretory product within the cells.

Tobacco glandular trichomes exude labdene-diol diterpenes and amphipathic sugar esters.

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