Species: Mentha x piperita Common Name: peppermint Taxonomy: Nepetoideae; Mentheae; Mentha
Description of Trichomes:
Peltate glandular secreting trichomes (GST).

In mint, peltate glandular trichomes are the most important trichome type. They consist of a basal cell, a stalk cell, and disc of 8 glandular cells approximately 60 micrometer in diameter. The gland cells secrete essential oils consisting of largely p-menthanes monoterpenes that include menthone and menthol, into an elevated cavity covered by a waxy cuticle.

1) David McCaskill, Jonathan Gershenzon and Rodney Croteau.(1992) Morphology and monoterpene biosynthetic capabilities of secretory cell clusters isolated from glandular trichomes of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Planta 187:445-454.
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