Species: Medicago sativa Common Name: alfalfa Taxonomy: Papilionoideae; Trifolieae; Medicago Trichome Image
Description of Trichomes:
Haired glandular secreting trichomes (GST); haired non-glandular trichomes.

Insect leafhopper resistant variety of alfalfa contains high densities of erect glandular trichomes containing multicellular stalks typically over 200 micrometer long toped by a glandular heads composed of a few cells with a diameter of approximately 15 micrometer. In potato, leafhopper resistance has been associated with certain varieties, such as G98A, that contain these trichomes. The fatty amide N-(3-methylbutyl)amide of linoleic acid has been associated with insect leafhopper resistance ( Ranger et al. Phytochem. 66:529-541).

Alfalfa also exhibits a second type of glandular trichome of unknown function similar to that shown for M. truncatula.

Alfalfa has non-glandular trichome as well, composed of a short base cell and a unicellular elongated shaft.

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