Source Name Leaf-notrichome-C
Species Arabidopsis thaliana columbia
Organism leaf
Development Stage
Chip ATH1
Description Leaf without trichome (isolated with associated protocol).

Age: 28 days
Experiment ID: E-MEXP-2014 E-MEXP-2014-raw-cel-1722263881.cel
Database: ArrayExpress
Citations: Transcriptome Analysis of Arabidopsis Wild-Type and gl3-sst sim Trichomes Identifies Four Additional Genes Required for Trichome Development. Marks, M. David; Wenger, Jonathan P.; Gilding, Edward; Jilk, Ross; Dixon, Richard. Mol Plant 2(4):803 (2009)
M. David Marks
Department of Plant Biology
University of Minnesota
St Paul, MN 551108, USA
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