Library Acc. SL_WTP
Name wild tomato pollen
Organism Solanum pennellii
Tissue pollen
Stage pollen collected from open flowers
Description Vector: pBluescript SK(-); Site_1: EcoR1; Site_2: Xho1; Pollen was collected from open flowers from L.pennellii TA56, and stored at -80 C until library construction.
# of EST/cDNA 5425
# of Unigene 1719; Of them, 1326 singletons and 393 TCs.
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Release Date Jan 31, 2001
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Citation Generation of ESTs from wild tomato (L. pennellii) pollen van der Hoeven,R., Bezzerides,J., Sun,H., Cho,J., Utterback,T., Hansen,C., Ronning,C. and Tanksley,S. Unpublished (2001)