Library Acc. LIBEST_026714
Name LIBEST_026714 Tobacco egg cell cDNA library
Organism Nicotiana tabacum
Stage Before fertilization
Description Vector: pTripEX2; Site_1: Sfi IA; Site_2: Sfi IB; Egg cells were manually collected from ovules. RNA was isolated and cDNA library was constructed by using the Clontech SMART cDNA library construction kit. The cDNAs were directionally ligated into pTripEX2.
# of EST/cDNA 1964
# of Unigene 1632; Of them, 446 singletons and 1186 TCs.
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Release Date Jul 14, 2011
Contact Haiping Xin Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Plant Developmental Biology College of Life Science, Wuhan University Box3012, Hubei, 430072 China Tel: 862768756170 Fax: 862768756010 Email: Seq primer: pTripEX2 5' sequencing primer.
Citation Dynamic changes of transcript profiles after fertilization are associated with de novo transcription and maternal elimination in tobacco zygote, and mark the onset of the maternal-to-zygotic transition Zhao,J., Xin,H., Qu,L., Ning,J., Peng,X., Yan,T., Ma,L., Li,S. and Sun,M.X. Plant J. 65 (1), 131-145 (2011)