Library Acc. NT_KN6B
Name KN6B
Organism Nicotiana tabacum
Tissue Leaf (midrib)
Stage Before topping + 1w after topping + maturity
# of EST/cDNA 5120
# of Unigene 3806; Of them, 672 singletons and 3134 TCs.
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Release Date Oct 03, 2006
Contact Dorlhac de Borne F Altadis - Institut du Tabac Domaine de la Tour, F-24100 Bergerac, France This sequence has been obtained in the framework of the European Sequencing of Tobacco Project ( Biological material is available from CNRGV. Contact CNRGV ( for further information.
Citation A comprehensive survey of the N. tabacum transcriptome Coates,S.A., Dorlhac de Borne,F., Ross,J., Verrier,J.L., Ward,M. and Delon,R. Unpublished (2005)