Library Acc. NT_KR3B
Name KR3B
Organism Nicotiana tabacum
Tissue Root
Stage 1w after topping
# of EST/cDNA 5282
# of Unigene 4338; Of them, 1074 singletons and 3264 TCs.
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Release Date Apr 27, 2006
Contact Coates SA Advanced Technologies (Cambridge) Ltd 210 Cambridge Science Park, Milton road, Cambridge CB4 0WA, UK This sequence has been obtained in the framework of the European Sequencing of Tobacco Project ( Biological material is available from CNRGV. Contact CNRGV ( for further information.
Citation A comprehensive survey of the N. tabacum transcriptome Coates,S.A., Dorlhac de Borne,F., Ross,J., Verrier,J.L., Ward,M. and Delon,R. Unpublished (2005)