Library Acc. SRR546172
Name SRR546172 Hops flowers and mature cones 454 library
Organism Humulus lupulus
Tissue Hops flowers and mature cones
Description 454 run ID in NCBI: SRR546172, by The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation on 2012-08-21 17:49:13 Differences in biochemical pathways of aromatic and bitter varieties of hops. Two hops varieties were sampled: Merkur and Tettnanger. Strategy: RNA-Seq; Source: TRANSCRIPTOMIC; Selection: RANDOM; Layout: SINGLE; Platform: LS454; Instrument model: 454 GS FLX Titanium
# of EST/cDNA 171079
# of Unigene 30610; Of them, 16549 singletons and 14061 TCs.
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Release Date Aug 21, 2012
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Citation unpublished