Library Acc. AA_CAZI
Name CAZI Artemisia annua normalized leaf library
Organism Artemisia annua
Tissue leaf
Stage Transition to flowering
Description Vector: pAGEN1; Site_1: EcoRV; Site_2: NotI; The library was made from oligo(dT)-primed cDNA and cloned into vector pAGEN1. Normalized library was created by the Keasling Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, and sequencing done by the DOE Joint Genome Institute (Walnut Creek, CA).
# of EST/cDNA 44659
# of Unigene 18665; Of them, 15150 singletons and 3515 TCs.
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Release Date Nov 09, 2007
Contact Lindquist,E.A., Richardson,P. DOE Joint Genome Institute 2800 Mitchell Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, USA Tel: 925 296 5600 Fax: 925 296 5710 Email: Tissue Procurement: Keasling Research Group, UC Berkeley cDNA Library Preparation: Keasling Research Group, UC Berkeley cDNA Library Arrayed by: DOE Joint Genome Institute: DNA Sequencing: DOE Joint Genome Institute: Clone Distribution: For inquiries regarding access to clones:Jay Keasling ( Plate: CAZI 0257 row: I column: 5.
Citation DOE Joint Genome Institute Artemisia annua EST project Newman,K.L., Keasling,J.D., Richardson,P., Lucas,S., Rokhsar,D., Wang,M. and Lindquist,E.A. Unpublished (2007)