Library Acc. OB_SEa
Name Ocimum basilicum trichome (OB_SEa)
Organism Ocimum basilicum
Tissue peltate glandular trichome
Stage young leaf
Description Vector: pBluescriptSK-; Site_1: EcoRI; Site_2: XhoI
# of EST/cDNA 5422
# of Unigene 2537; Of them, 1141 singletons and 1396 TCs.
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Release Date Feb 08, 2006
Contact Name: David R. Gang Lab: Department of Plant Sciences Institution: The University of Arizona Address: Forbes Building Room 303, Tucson, AZ 85721-0036, USA Tel: 520 621 7154 Fax: 520 621 7186 E-mail:
Citation Characterization of geraniol synthase from the peltate glands of sweet basil Iijima,Y., Gang,D.R., Fridman,E., Lewinsohn,E. and Pichersky,E. Plant Physiol. 134 (1), 370-379 (2004)