Library Acc. SL_breaker_fruit
Name Solanum lycopersicum, Pericarp,breaker
Organism Solanum lycopersicum
Tissue Pericarp
Stage breaker
Description Vector: pBluescriptSKmCUadapt; Site_1: EcoR1; Site_2: XhoI; supplier: Boyce Thompson Institute; sequencing: The Institute for Genomic Research. Fruit were harvested at the breaker stage (first sign of lycopene accumulation on the blossom end of fruit). Fruit were cut in half and the seeds and locules were discarded prior to freezing the pericarp.
# of EST/cDNA 7777
# of Unigene 3812; Of them, 1033 singletons and 2779 TCs.
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Release Date Feb 20, 2002
Contact CUGI Clemson University Genomics Institute Clemson University 100 Jordan Hall, Clemson, SC 29634, USA Email: This clone is available through the Clemson University Genomics Institute Seq primer: T3.
Citation Generation of ESTs from tomato fruit tissue, breaker stage (2002) Alcala,J., Vrebalov,J., White,R., Vision,T., Karamycheva,S.A., Tsai,J., Bougri,O., Kirkness,E., Utterback,T., Van Aken,S., Ronning,C.M., Fraser,C.M., Martin,G.B., Tanksley,S.D. and Giovannoni,J. Unpublished (2002)