Library Acc. CC_TRI
Name Cistus creticus trichome library, Clontech
Organism Cistus creticus
Tissue trichomes
Description Vector: lTriplex 2; Site_1: SfiA; Site_2: SfiB; Produced with Creator Smart cDNA Library Construction Kit
# of EST/cDNA 2004
# of Unigene 1270; Of them, 988 singletons and 282 TCs.
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Release Date May 16, 2008
Contact Kanellis,A.K. Lab of Pharmacognocy, Division of Pharmacognocy-Pharmacology, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences Aristotle University of Thessaloniki GR-540 06 Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 31 997656 Fax: +30 31 997662 Email: High quality sequence stop: 443.
Citation Expressed sequence tags from Cistus creticus trichome cDNA library Falara,V., Fotopoulos,V. and Kanellis,A.K. Unpublished (2008)