Library Acc. NB_SAL_US
Name Nicotiana benthamiana, expanding leaf tissue
Organism Nicotiana benthamiana
Tissue expanding leaf tissue
Description Vector: pBluescript S/K +; Site_1: EcoR1; Site_2: Xho1; Total RNA isolated from tissue, poly A fraction isolated on oligo-dT column. mRNA reverse transcribed and double stranded. Poly A dsRNA ranging in size from 400-4000 bp directionally cloned into EcoR1 and Xho1 restricted into pBluescript. EcoR1 site at the 5' end of the cDNA and Xh01 on the 3' side.
# of EST/cDNA 8086
# of Unigene 2702; Of them, 1911 singletons and 791 TCs.
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Release Date Sep 08, 2004
Contact Dr. Steven A. Lommel Tobacco Genome Initiative North Carolina State University Box 7253, NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27606, USA Tel: 9195130006 Fax: 9195159500 Email: Homology: e-val = 1.4e-070. Description = tryptophan synthase, beta subunit 1 (TSB1) [Arabidopsis thaliana] gi|136251|sp|P14671|TRP1_ARATH Tryptophan synthase beta chain 1, chloroplast precursor gi|99767|pir|A31393 tryptophan synthase (EC beta-1 chain precursor - Arabidopsis thaliana Homology: e-val = 2.7e-068. Description = Tryptophan synthase beta chain 2, chloroplast precursor gi|2792520|gb|AAB97087.1| tryptophan synthase beta subunit [Camptotheca acuminata] gi|2801771|gb|AAB97526.1| tryptophan synthase beta [Camptotheca acuminata] row: d column: 22 High quality sequence stop: 647.
Citation Tobacco Genome Initiative (TGI) Nicotiana benthamiana ESTs Opperman,C.H., Lommel,S.A,, Burke,M., Feulner,G., Carlson,J., George,C., Gove,S., Houfek,T.D., Jefferys,S.R., Kalat,S., King,R., Levin,J., Little,P.C., Lumpkin,A., Ross,T., Salstead,A., Scholl,E.H., Sosinski,B.R., Stephens,P.J. and Zekanis,S.H. Unpublished (2004)