Library Acc. NB_GTISSUE
Name Nicotiana benthamiana, Green Tissue
Organism Nicotiana benthamiana
Tissue Green Tissue
Description Vector: pGEM; normalised cDNA library from the aerial tissues of N. benthamiana, in a small plasmid vector pGEM
# of EST/cDNA 8435
# of Unigene 8341; Of them, 7702 singletons and 639 TCs.
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Release Date Jan 03, 2007
Contact Maule A Disease and Stress Biology John Innes Centre Norwich Research Park, Norwich NR4 7UH, UK Tel: 44-1603-450266 Fax: 44-1603-450045 Email: Seq primer: GGGCCCGACGTCGCATG.
Citation Nicotiana benthamiana ESTs Debout,M., Bennett,G., Williams,A., Page,A., Angell,S., Clarke,J. and Maule,A. Unpublished (2006)