Library Acc. NT_TRI
Name Burley21 trichome library
Organism Nicotiana tabacum
Tissue trichome
Description Organ: Leaf; Plants were grown on soil in glasshouses under long days (16h:8h). RNA was extracted from trichomes based on the method of Aziz et al. (2004). Briefly, stems from 30 plants were cut into 5-10cm fragments and flash frozen in liquid nitrogen. Segments were individually shaken in pre-frozen 50ml platic tubes to release the trichomes. Collected trichomes were stored in Tri Reagent (Sigma) and RNA was extracted according to manufacturers instructions.
# of EST/cDNA 1949
# of Unigene 2095; Of them, 967 singletons and 1128 TCs.
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Release Date Aug 14, 2008
Contact Edwards, K.D. Advanced Technologies (Cambridge) ATC Ltd, 210 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, UK Tel: +441223429502 Fax: +441223423448.
Citation Extending Genomic Resources for Nicotiana tabacum Coates,S.A., Dorlac de Borne,F., Edwards,K.D., Ross,J., Story,G.W., Yang,A.W. and Jones,L. Unpublished (2008)