Library Acc. MS_TRI1
Name Medicago sativa(Alfalfa) trichomes(2006)
Organism Medicago sativa
Tissue Glandular trichomes isolated from stem
Stage Trichomes were removed from internodes of 8-12 inch tall stems
Description Vector: pDNR-LIB; Glandular-haired alfalfa plants were established in a Conviron growth chamber (16-h days, full lights, 24oC set point) in 40 one gallon pots. Plants were grown in Metromix 350 and fertilized with MiracleGro as needed. They were cut back closely to encourage the emergence of vigorous shoots. Trichomes were isolated from stems, approximately 8-12 inches long, clipped from plants 2-3 inches above the crown. With minimal handling of the stem, the apical bud, leaves and nodes were discarded, and the trichomes isolated from the internode segments.
# of EST/cDNA 5275
# of Unigene 2811; Of them, 1968 singletons and 843 TCs.
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Release Date Jun 20, 2006
Contact Name: May GD Lab: Plant Biology Division Institution: The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Address: 2510 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore, OK 73402, USA Tel: 580 224 6650 Fax: 580 224 6692 E-mail:
Citation Transcriptome analysis of alfalfa glandular trichomes Aziz,N., Paiva,N.L., May,G.D. and Dixon,R.A. Planta 221 (1), 28-38 (2005)