Library Acc. NB_TRI
Name Nicotiana benthamiana trichomes
Organism Nicotiana benthamiana
Tissue Isolated stem trichomes
Stage Apical stem internodes of 5-week old plants.
Description Vector: pDNR_lib (Clontech); Site_1: Sfi I A (GGCCATTACGGCC); Site_2: Sfi I B (GGCCGCCTCGGCC); Nicotiana benthamiana plants were grown on compost in the greenhouse with supplemental lighting (4 h in winter) providing a minimum illumination period of 14 h. Trichomes were harvested from stems of 5 week old N. benthamiana plants taken from the top half of the shoot. The stems were placed in 50 ml disposable falcon tubes and trichomes were abraded by vortexing for 20 s after freezing in liquid nitrogen. RNA was isolated using the Qiagen RNeasyMini kit. A cDNA EST library was generated following manufacturers instructions using the Creator SMART cDNA library construction kit (BD Biosciences) starting from total RNA and using the pDNR-LIB vector.
# of EST/cDNA 6686
# of Unigene 4032; Of them, 3747 singletons and 285 TCs.
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Release Date Dec 11, 2008
Contact NAME: Zhao X FAX: 580 224 6692 TEL: 580 224 6725 EMAIL: LAB: Plant Biology Division INST: The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation ADDR: 2510 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore, OK 73402, USA
Citation Transcriptomic and reverse genetic analyses of branched chain fatty acid and acyl sugar production in Solanum pennellii and Nicotiana benthamiana Slocombe,S.P., Schauvinhold,I., McQuinn,R.P., Besser,K., Welsby,N.A., Harper,A., Aziz,N., Li,Y., Larson,T.R., Giovannoni,J., Dixon,R.A. and Broun,P. Plant Physiol. 148 (4), 1830-1846 (2008)