Library Acc. SL_TRI
Name Solanum lycopersicum trichomes
Organism Solanum lycopersicum
Tissue Isolated leaf trichomes
Stage Apical internodes of 5-week old plants.
Description Vector: pDNR_lib (Clontech); Site_1: Sfi I A (GGCCATTACGGCC); Site_2: Sfi I B (GGCCGCCTCGGCC); Solanum lycopersicum plants were grown on compost in the greenhouse with supplemental lighting (4 h in winter) providing a minimum illumination period of 14 h. Trichomes were harvested from the most apical leaves of 5 week old Solanum lycopersicum plants. Trichomes were harvested by brushing leaves frozen using liquid nitrogen and separated from contaminating leaf fragments by passing the frozen material through a sieve. RNA was isolated from the trichomes using the Qiagen RNeasyMini kit. A cDNA EST library was generated following manufacturers instructions using the Creator SMART cDNA library construction kit (BD Biosciences) starting from total RNA and using the pDNR-LIB vector.
# of EST/cDNA 7254
# of Unigene 6979; Of them, 5588 singletons and 1391 TCs.
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Release Date Jul 03, 2007
Contact NAME: Zhao X FAX: 580 224 6692 TEL: 580 224 6725 EMAIL: LAB: Plant Biology Division INST: The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation ADDR: 2510 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore, OK 73402, USA
Citation Diverged regulation of terpenoid metabolism in the trichomes of a wild and cultivated tomato species Besser,K., Harper,A., Welsby,N.A., Schauvinhold,I., Slocombe,S.P., Li,Y., Dixon,R.A. and Broun,P. Unpublished (2007)