Library Acc. MT_JAS_ROOR
Name Medicago truncatula, Methyl Jasmonate-Elicited Root Cell Suspension Culture
Organism Medicago truncatula
Tissue Root cell suspension culture
Stage Seven-day old culture
Description Vector: Lambda Zap; Medicago truncatula root cell suspension culture elicited with 500 um methyl jasmonate. The cDNA was directionally ligated into the Uni-Zap XR vector (Stratagene) and packaged using the Gigapack III Gold packaging extracts. Phagemids containing cDNA inserts were in vivo excised from the recombinant Uni-ZAP XR vector using ExAssist helper phage and the E. coli strain XL1-Blue MRF' (Stratagene). Excised plasmids were plated using SOLR cells.
# of EST/cDNA 6835
# of Unigene 3973; Of them, 744 singletons and 3229 TCs.
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Release Date Jan 11, 2005
Contact May GD Plant Biology Division The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation 2510 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore, OK 73402, USA Tel: 580 224 6650 Fax: 580 224 6692 Email:
Citation Medicago truncatula Methyl Jasmonate-Elicited Root Cell Suspension Culture Expressed Sequence Tags from the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation - Center for Medicago Genomics Research Achnine,L., He,X.-Z., Scott,A.D., May,G.D. and Dixon,R.A. Unpublished (2005)