Title The GLABRA2 gene encodes a homeo domain protein required for normal trichome development in Arabidopsis.
Author Rerie WG, Feldmann KA, Marks MD.
Issue Genes Dev. 1994 Jun 15;8(12):1388-99.
Abstract The GLABRA2 gene (GL2) is one of several genes known to have a role in trichome development in Arabidopsis. Mutations at this locus result in abnormal trichome expansion. We have identified several gl2 mutants from a T-DNA-mutagenized population of plants. The T-DNA insert in one of the mutant lines cosegregated with the recessive gl2 phenotype and thus served as a molecular tag to isolate genomic DNA at the putative GL2 locus. RFLP analysis of the segregating population and subsequent molecular complementation experiments established that the GL2 gene had been cloned. The predicted polypeptide from one of the ORFs contained on this fragment showed significant identity to the homeo domain sequence. The construction of a full-length cDNA by RT-PCR confirmed the presence of a homeo box in the GL2 gene and showed that it is substantially different from other recently cloned homeo box genes in plants. The expression pattern of GL2, as demonstrated by in situ hybridization, indicated that the gene is expressed in trichome progenitor cells and at stages associated with trichome development. This suggests that GL2 may regulate events required for the directional cell expansion observed during trichome formation.
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