Title Direct Demonstration of Duvatrienediol Biosynthesis in Glandular Heads of Tobacco Trichomes.
Author Keene CK, Wagner GJ.
Issue Plant Physiol. 1985 Dec;79(4):1026-1032.
Abstract Biosynthesis of the diterpenes, alpha and beta 4,8,13-duvatriene-1,3-diol, has been observed in detached, intact glandular heads from trichomes of Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco Introduction 1068. This result shows directly that the glandular head portion of the trichome is capable of duvatrienediol biosynthesis. In additional experiments, all of the [(14)C] duvatrienediol formed from sodium [2-(14)C]acetate by leaf midrib sections was recovered with trichome exudate and surface washes. None was found in trichome stalk, epidermal or subepidermal tissue extracts. Also, removal of glandular heads and exudate from midrib sections reduced or eliminated duvatrienediol biosynthetic capacity. Together these results strongly suggest that glandular heads are the primary, and perhaps the only, site of duvatrienediol biosynthesis in this plant.Incubation of detached, intact glandular heads with sodium [(14)C]acetate in the dark or incubation in the light in the presence of DCMU reduced incorporation into duvatrienediols by 97%. These results suggest that chloroplasts which are abundant in glandular heads are involved in the biogenesis of these compounds.
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