Title New approaches for studying and exploiting an old protuberance, the plant trichome.
Author Wagner GJ, Wang E, Shepherd RW.
Issue Ann Bot (Lond). 2004 Jan;93(1):3-11. Review.
Abstract BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Much recent study of plant trichomes has focused on various aspects of glandular secreting trichomes (GSTs) and differentiation of simple trichomes. This Botanical Briefing will highlight: research on various aspects of, and manipulation of glandular secreting trichomes; molecular aspects of the differentiation and development of simple trichomes of arabidopsis and cotton; how methods for manipulation of model systems used in the above work can be applied to expand our understanding of less studied surface structures of plants. SCOPE: The Briefing will cover: established and suggested roles of simple and glandular secreting trichomes; recent results regarding solute and ion movement in trichomes; methods for isolating trichomes; recent studies of trichome differentiation and development; attempts to modify metabolism in secreting trichomes; efforts to exploit trichomes for commercial and agronomic purposes.
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