Title UV-B is required for normal development of oil glands in Ocimum basilicum L.(sweet basil).
Author Ioannidis D, Bonner L, Johnson CB.
Issue Ann Bot (Lond). 2002 Oct;90(4):453-60.
Abstract Plants of Ocimum basilicum L. grown under glass were exposed to short treatments with supplementary UV-B. The effect of UV-B on volatile essential oil content was analysed and compared with morphological effects on the peltate and capitate glandular trichomes. In the absence of UV-B, both peltate and capitate glands were incompletely developed in both mature and developing leaves, the oil sacs being wrinkled and only partially filled. UV-B was found to have two main effects on the glandular trichomes. During the first 4 d of treatment, both peltate and capitate glands filled and their morphology reflected their 'normal' mature development as reported in the literature. During the following days there was a large increase in the number of broken oil sacs among the peltate glands as the mature glands broke open, releasing volatiles. Neither the number of glands nor the qualitative or quantitative composition of the volatiles was affected by UV-B. There seems to be a requirement for UV-B for the filling of the glandular trichomes of basil.
Link 12324268