Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 844374
Symbol GA4H
LocusTag AT1G80340
Description GA4H (gibberellin 3 beta-hydroxylase); gibberellin 3-beta-dioxygenase
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern GA4H|AT1G80340|ATGA3OX2|F5I6.9|F5I6_9|GIBBERELLIN 3 BETA-HYDROXYLASE|GA4H (gibberellin 3 beta-hydroxylase); gibberellin 3-beta-dioxygenase
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AB010992 AM832363 DB704351 EF471116 


AtGA3ox2, a key gene responsible for bioactive gibberellin biosynthesis, is regulated during embryogenesis by LEAFY COTYLEDON2 and FUSCA3 in Arabidopsis.
Curaba J, Moritz T, Blervaque R, Parcy F, Raz V, Herzog M, Vachon G. Plant Physiol. 2004 Nov;136(3):3660-9.

...... show that the formation of ectopic trichome cells on lec2 and fus3 embryos is a GA-dependent process as in true leaves, suggesting that the GA pathway is misactivated in embryonic mutants. We next demonstrate that the GA-biosynthesis gene AtGA3ox2, which encodes the key enzyme AtGA3ox2 that catalyzes the conversion of inactive to bioactive GAs, is ectopically activated in embryos of the two mutants. Interestingly, both beta-glucuronidase reporter gene expression and in situ ......