Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 843443
Symbol ATMYBL2
LocusTag AT1G71030
Synonyms Arabidopsis myb-like 2|F23N20.2|F23N20_2
Description ATMYBL2 (Arabidopsis myb-like 2); DNA binding / transcription factor
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern ATMYBL2|AT1G71030|Arabidopsis myb-like 2|F23N20.2|F23N20_2|ATMYBL2 (Arabidopsis myb-like 2); DNA binding / transcription factor
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library


Overexpression of the AtmybL2 gene represses trichome development in Arabidopsis.
Sawa S. DNA Res. 2002 Apr 30;9(2):31-4.

...... Leaf trichome formation is known to be regulated by the TTG, GL1, GL2, and GL3 genes in Arabidopsis. GL1 and GL3 encode proteins with Myb and bHLH domains, respectively. Overexpression of the AtmybL2 gene, which encodes a single Myb-like DNA-binding domain, repressed trichome development in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. The amount of GL2 transcription was clearly reduced in the transgenic plants. Consistent with this, overexpression ......

...... (GUS) activity in transgenic plants carrying a GUS-reporter gene regulated by the GL2 promoter. These findings, together with the results from our yeast two-hybrid analysis, suggest that GL3 gene function and overexpression of AtmybL2 act synergistically to inhibit trichome formation by negatively regulating GL2 expression. ......