Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 843282
Symbol NAP
LocusTag AT1G69490
Description NAP (NAC-LIKE, ACTIVATED BY AP3/PI); transcription factor
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern NAP|AT1G69490|ACTIVATED BY AP3/PI|ANAC029|ATNAP|F10D13.14|F10D13_14|NAC-LIKE|NAP (NAC-LIKE, ACTIVATED BY AP3/PI); transcription factor
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AI483681 AI483889 AI484577 AI484784 AI484813 AI485002 AI485301 AI485389 AI485850 AI485967 AI486144 AI486445 AI486756 AI486892 AI487093 AI487160 AI487186 AI487373 AI487552 AI487693 AI487893 AI487932 AI488078 AI488099 AI488159 AI488407 AI488673 AI488758 AI488773 AI488884 AI488959 AI489104 AI489333 AI489402 AI489593 AI490055 AI490061 AI490318 AI490458 AI490551 AI490656 AI771112 AI771114 AI771859 AI771893 AI894523 AI894656 AI896351 AI896372 AI896913 AI897147 AI897257 AI897280 AI897423 AI897442 AI897572 AI897596 AI898058 AI898263 AI898499 AI898567 AI898887 AI898890 AI899016 AI899269 AJ845727 AW032192 AW032194 AW032532 AW032754 AW033350 AW033995 AW033996 AW035134 AW035194 AW035679 AW216517 AW220879 AW329022 AW559790 AW650475 AW650556 AW930743 BE942797 BE942967 BE998568 BF097245 BF097539 BF631919 BF645220 BF649677 BG456701 BI207282 BI272530 BI421923 BI422179 BI422186 BI423089 BI921844 BI922234 BP886417 CA920341 CA922106 CD002994 CX530224 CX540559 DB704948 DW019284 DY343719 EB425871 EH365667 EV260652 EV262454 EY475303 EY475403 FG643945 FG643987 FG644107 FS201770 FS376770 FS394862 FS416474 TCHL56350 TCMT43722 TCMT56663 TCNT62485 TCSL71997 TCSL71998 TCSL72627 TCSL72628 


Arabidopsis NAP and PIR regulate actin-based cell morphogenesis and multiple developmental processes.
Li Y, Sorefan K, Hemmann G, Bevan MW. Plant Physiol. 2004 Nov;136(3):3616-27.

...... and AtPIR caused cell morphology defects in cotyledon pavement cells and trichomes seen in mutants in ARP2/3 subunits and in plants expressing constitutively active Rop2 GTPase. The patterns and levels of actin polymerization observed in Atnap-1 and Atpir-1 mutant trichome cells and epidermal pavement cell morphology is consistent with Arabidopsis NAP and PIR proteins forming a WAVE complex that activates ARP2/3 activity. The multiple growth and developmental phenotypes of Atnap ......