Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 841269
Symbol RKL1
LocusTag AT1G48480
Synonyms Receptor-like kinase 1|T1N15.9|T1N15_9
Description RKL1 (Receptor-like kinase 1); ATP binding / kinase/ protein serine/threonine kinase
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern RKL1|AT1G48480|Receptor-like kinase 1|T1N15.9|T1N15_9|RKL1 (Receptor-like kinase 1); ATP binding / kinase/ protein serine/threonine kinase
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AI490883 AI490891 AI896610 AL368355 AW030434 AW979679 BE187614 BE315716 BE318211 BE354662 BE450150 BF096633 BF096768 BG127340 BG129695 BG456809 BI421797 BP886696 BP909832 CA917497 CA918106 CK293520 CK715190 CX533738 DB679171 DB681950 DB683208 DB684946 DB699691 DB723192 DW015812 DW017101 FG159194 FG159252 FG159296 FG163034 FG190525 FG627056 FS195776 FS373379 FS390821 FS395545 FS433977 FS437081 GO375161 GO375671 TCMT50683 TCMT61063 TCNT60050 TCSA14365 TCSL76206 TCSL77338 


Molecular characterization of two highly homologous receptor-like kinase genes,RLK902 and RKL1, in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Tarutani Y, Morimoto T, Sasaki A, Yasuda M, Nakashita H, Yoshida S,Yamaguchi I, Suzuki Y. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2004 Sep;68(9):1935-41.

...... zones, while the RKL1 promoter activity was dominant in the stomata cells, hydathodes and trichomes of young rosette leaves, and floral organ abscission zones. Neither the rlk902 mutant line, rkl1 mutant line nor rlk902/rkl1 double-knockout mutant line showed any significant phenotypes under normal growth conditions. These results suggest that RLK902 and RKL1 might mediate the signal transduction pathway in which at least one other complementary signaling ......