Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 818530
Symbol ATMTP11/MTP11
LocusTag AT2G39450
Synonyms ATMTP11|F12L6.11|F12L6_11|MTP11
Description ATMTP11/MTP11; cation transmembrane transporter/ manganese ion transmembrane transporter/ manganese:hydrogen antiporter
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern ATMTP11/MTP11|AT2G39450|ATMTP11|F12L6.11|F12L6_11|MTP11|ATMTP11/MTP11; cation transmembrane transporter/ manganese ion transmembrane transporter/ manganese:hydrogen antiporter
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AM786795 AM822382 AM847309 AW031194 BG449878 BI263615 BI267507 BI268166 BI268402 BI422631 BI935379 BP881258 BP891597 BQ151535 BT051598 CA917875 CK281812 CK281813 CK282377 CK282378 CK282379 CK282380 CK284230 CK284231 CK284639 CK287348 CK288673 CK288674 CK288954 CK288955 CK290155 CK290156 CK291805 CK291806 CK292218 CK293601 CK293602 CK294753 CK294754 CK297792 DB682901 DB686719 DB690325 DB690516 DB694702 DB696561 DB702780 DB714948 DB722965 DW016488 DW018725 EB450183 EB450550 EB450974 EV255013 EV261740 EY041672 EY041673 EY083311 EY083312 EY086396 EY086397 EY088960 EY088961 EY113499 EY113500 FG637739 FS184946 FS417197 FS424006 FS425229 GD251458 GE344867 GE349895 GO611708 TCHL55130 TCMT59016 TCNB51047 TCNT58031 TCSL72019 TCSL72020 


A secretory pathway-localized cation diffusion facilitator confers plant manganese tolerance.
Peiter E, Montanini B, Gobert A, Pedas P, Husted S, Maathuis FJ, Blaudez D, Chalot M, Sanders D. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 May 15;104(20):8532-7.

...... elevated levels of manganese, whereas plants overexpressing MTP11 are hypertolerant. In contrast, sensitivity to manganese deficiency is slightly decreased in mutants and increased in overexpressing lines. Promoter-GUS studies showed that AtMTP11 is most highly expressed in root tips, shoot margins, and hydathodes, but not in epidermal cells and trichomes, which are generally associated with manganese accumulation. Surprisingly, imaging of MTP11-EYFP fusions demonstrated that ......