Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 818077
LocusTag AT2G35110
Gene Type protein-coding
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AM798071 AW695593 BF639758 BF640368 BI310321 BI310593 BP907082 BP907272 CA919380 CF068819 CX527701 CX530514 CX533199 ES891057 ES896568 EY099886 EY099887 FG624244 GT182156 GT182204 GT183390 GT183439 TCHL63383 TCMT48220 TCMT55262 


BRICK1/HSPC300 functions with SCAR and the ARP2/3 complex to regulate epidermal cell shape in Arabidopsis.
Djakovic S, Dyachok J, Burke M, Frank MJ, Smith LG. Development. 2006 Mar;133(6):1091-100.

...... is unclear. Plant homologs of all mammalian WAVE complex components have been identified, including HSPC300, the mammalian homolog of maize BRICK1 (BRK1). We show that, like mutations disrupting the Arabidopsis homologs of PIR121/Sra-1, Nap1 and Scar/WAVE, mutations in the Arabidopsis BRK1 gene result in trichome and pavement cell morphology defects (and associated alterations in the F-actin cytoskeleton of expanding cells) similar to those caused by mutations disrupting the ......

IRREGULAR TRICHOME BRANCH1 in Arabidopsis encodes a plant homolog of the actin-related protein2/3 complex activator Scar/WAVE that regulates actin and microtubule organization.
Zhang X, Dyachok J, Krishnakumar S, Smith LG, Oppenheimer DG. Plant Cell. 2005 Aug;17(8):2314-26.

...... is the actin-related protein2/3 (Arp2/3) complex, which nucleates the polymerization of new actin filaments. In animals, Scar/WAVE family members activate Arp2/3 complex-dependent actin nucleation through interactions with Abi1, Nap1, PIR121, and HSCP300. Mutations in the Arabidopsis thaliana genes encoding homologs of Arp2/3 complex subunits PIR121 and NAP1 all show distorted trichomes as well as additional epidermal cell expansion defects, suggesting that a Scar/WAVE ......

The Arabidopsis GNARLED gene encodes the NAP125 homolog and controls several actin-based cell shape changes.
Zimmermann I, Saedler R, Mutondo M, Hulskamp M. Mol Genet Genomics. 2004 Oct;272(3):290-6.

...... organization. Mutations in genes encoding components of the ARP2/3 complex lead to cell shape defects in several cell types, including trichomes, epidermal pavement cells and hypocotyl cells. We show here that mutations in the GNARLED (GRL) gene cause a similar range of phenotypes. The GRL gene encodes the Arabidopsis homolog of NAP125, which in animals is known to act as one regulator of the ARP2/3-regulating complex WAVE-HSPC300. As an HSPC300 homolog is present in the ......

Arabidopsis GNARLED encodes a NAP125 homolog that positively regulates ARP2/3.
El-Assal Sel-D, Le J, Basu D, Mallery EL, Szymanski DB. Curr Biol. 2004 Aug 10;14(15):1405-9.

...... in vivo and interacted physically with the putative Arabidopsis WAVE subunit ATSRA1. gnarled trichomes had nearly identical cell shape and actin cytoskeleton phenotypes when compared to ARP2/3 subunit mutants, suggesting that GRL positively regulates ARP2/3. ......