Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 817592
Symbol KIS
LocusTag AT2G30410
Synonyms KIESEL|T9D9.22|T9D9_22
Description KIS (KIESEL); unfolded protein binding
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern KIS|AT2G30410|KIESEL|T9D9.22|T9D9_22|KIS (KIESEL); unfolded protein binding
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AJ503939 AL379441 AL379442 AL383863 AM793292 AM805384 AW093249 AW094598 BG125510 BG448356 BG457728 BI929060 BP890498 BP892111 BP895041 BP895390 BP902723 BP904266 BW692811 DB681893 DB687712 EY056333 EY056334 EY474828 FG184738 FS383056 FS401467 FS432127 GD243405 GE344224 GE348483 GE349327 GE352749 GO374103 GR221138 GW328071 GW328704 HO845213 HS081496 HS081871 HS081894 HS084871 TCHL60709 TCMT43896 TCNT64113 TCSF11289 TCSL79421 


The Arabidopsis TUBULIN-FOLDING COFACTOR A gene is involved in the control of the alpha/beta-tubulin monomer balance.
Kirik V, Grini PE, Mathur J, Klinkhammer I, Adler K, Bechtold N, Herzog M, Bonneville JM, Hulskamp M. Plant Cell. 2002 Sep;14(9):2265-76.

...... defects, cell division is impaired, and trichomes are bulged and less branched. Microtubule density was indistinguishable from that of the wild type, but microtubule organization was affected in trichomes and hypocotyl cells of dark-grown kis plants. The kis phenotype was rescued by overexpression of an alpha-tubulin, indicating that KIS is involved in the control of the correct balance of alpha- and beta-tubulin monomers. ......