Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 817165
Symbol FDH
LocusTag AT2G26250
Synonyms FIDDLEHEAD|T1D16.11|T1D16_11
Description FDH (FIDDLEHEAD); acyltransferase
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern FDH|AT2G26250|FIDDLEHEAD|T1D16.11|T1D16_11|FDH (FIDDLEHEAD); acyltransferase
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AI780638 AM788587 AM790066 AM820038 AM829389 AW255668 AW617546 AW682853 AW690866 AW691344 AW695885 AW934652 BE321743 BE322550 BE449537 BF518713 BG130630 BI273227 BI309439 BI933818 BI934336 BQ138857 BQ139658 CN743501 CN743583 CO512965 CO515474 CO515978 CO516637 CX523784 CX525088 CX539992 CX542052 DB686101 DB695070 DB700000 DB708617 DB710523 DW016163 DY328151 DY328152 DY331189 DY331190 DY332365 DY332366 DY332447 DY332448 DY335852 DY337259 DY337260 DY337275 DY337326 DY337327 DY339519 DY339520 DY340890 DY341077 DY341078 DY341618 EV260097 EY050401 EY050402 EY054272 EY054273 EY087850 EY087851 EY110384 EY110385 FF405756 FG136659 FG192375 FG192468 FG623481 FG623894 FG625380 FG631957 FS390230 FS402502 FS410214 GD243430 GD248506 GD251834 GT167892 GW330257 GW330825 GW332585 JK494455 JK494463 JK497667 JK499339 JK500351 JK501884 TCHL54337 TCMS40323 TCMT40320 TCNT63689 TCOB40686 TCOB42678 TCOB42679 TCOB42680 TCSA11270 TCSA13020 TCSF11357 TCSF12250 TCSF12536 TCSH50975 TCSH50976 TCSL76033 TCSL77894 TCSP52630 TCSP53696 TCSP54965 


Characterization of the FIDDLEHEAD gene of Arabidopsis reveals a link between adhesion response and cell differentiation in the epidermis.
Yephremov A, Wisman E, Huijser P, Huijser C, Wellesen K, Saedler H. Plant Cell. 1999 Nov;11(11):2187-201.

...... genetic background. Closer examination of the adaxial epidermis of rosette leaves revealed that in addition to provoking the previously described fusion phenotype in leaves and floral organs, mutations in FDH have a deleterious effect on trichome differentiation. FDH transcripts were detected exclusively in the epidermis of young vegetative and floral organs. Plants overexpressing FDH under control of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter ......