Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 816795
Symbol BRK1/HSPC300
LocusTag AT2G22640
Synonyms BRICK1|BRK1|HSPC300|T9I22.8|T9I22_8
Description BRK1/HSPC300 (BRICK1)
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern BRK1/HSPC300|AT2G22640|BRICK1|BRK1|HSPC300|T9I22.8|T9I22_8|BRK1/HSPC300 (BRICK1)
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AL389250 AM800600 AM837066 BF637549 EH365207 ES654270 EY477444 FF404775 FF404824 FG187985 FG188074 FG635078 FG641237 GD244042 TCCC40109 TCHL62796 TCMT52507 


Arabidopsis BRICK1/HSPC300 is an essential WAVE-complex subunit that selectively stabilizes the Arp2/3 activator SCAR2.
Le J, Mallery EL, Zhang C, Brankle S, Szymanski DB. Curr Biol. 2006 May 9;16(9):895-901.

...... that Arabidopsis brick1 (brk1) is a member of the "distorted group" of trichome morphology mutants, a group that defines a WAVE-ARP2/3 morphogenesis pathway . In this paper we provide the first strong genetic and biochemical evidence that BRK1 is a critical WAVE-complex subunit that selectively stabilizes the Arp2/3 activator SCAR2. ......

BRICK1/HSPC300 functions with SCAR and the ARP2/3 complex to regulate epidermal cell shape in Arabidopsis.
Djakovic S, Dyachok J, Burke M, Frank MJ, Smith LG. Development. 2006 Mar;133(6):1091-100.

...... complex components have been identified, including HSPC300, the mammalian homolog of maize BRICK1 (BRK1). We show that, like mutations disrupting the Arabidopsis homologs of PIR121/Sra-1, Nap1 and Scar/WAVE, mutations in the Arabidopsis BRK1 gene result in trichome and pavement cell morphology defects (and associated alterations in the F-actin cytoskeleton of expanding cells) similar to those caused by mutations disrupting the ARP2/3 complex itself. Analysis of double mutants ......

NAPP and PIRP encode subunits of a putative wave regulatory protein complex involved in plant cell morphogenesis.
Brembu T, Winge P, Seem M, Bones AM. Plant Cell. 2004 Sep;16(9):2335-49.

...... containing NAP1/HEM/KETTE/GEX-3 and PIR121/Sra-1/CYFIP/GEX-2. Here, we show that the WAVE1 regulatory protein complex is partly conserved in plants. We have identified Arabidopsis genes encoding homologs of NAP1 (NAPP), PIR121 (PIRP), and HSPC300 (BRK1). T-DNA inactivation of NAPP and PIRP results in distorted trichomes, similar to ARP2/3 complex mutants. The napp-1 mutant is allelic to the distorted mutant gnarled. The actin cytoskeleton in napp-1 and pirp-1 mutants shows ......