Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 814686
Symbol RGA1
LocusTag AT2G01570
Synonyms F2I9.19|F2I9_19|REPRESSOR OF GA1-3|REPRESSOR OF GA1-3 1|RGA
Description RGA1 (REPRESSOR OF GA1-3 1); transcription factor
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern RGA1|AT2G01570|F2I9.19|F2I9_19|REPRESSOR OF GA1-3|REPRESSOR OF GA1-3 1|RGA|RGA1 (REPRESSOR OF GA1-3 1); transcription factor
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library AA660952 AJ548264 AL369482 AL371425 AM809113 AW694061 AW694064 AW696350 AW774515 BE204113 BE321891 BF638115 BG647068 BI270025 BI308816 BI308948 BQ165354 CA916938 CA918343 CB894041 CB894210 CK285938 CK288308 CK297571 CN744280 CX524024 CX525967 CX526055 CX526495 CX527122 CX531558 CX541549 CX541858 DV159588 DW017809 EB441042 EB442187 EB451304 EB451523 EY074435 EY074436 EY077798 EY081797 EY096441 EY099103 EY099104 EY109908 FG138336 FG144588 FG146673 FG147413 FG147639 FG148513 FG148559 FG150994 FG152452 FG152823 FG154365 FG156800 FG157190 FG159926 FG165341 FG165403 FG166688 FG166698 FG166767 FG167517 FG167777 FG170978 FG171045 FG171601 FG172551 FG172890 FG173248 FG175016 FG175018 FG177469 FG185445 FG199472 FG200419 FG203078 FG622775 FS205802 FS385213 FS393022 FS428596 GO600846 TCAA52239 TCHL57135 TCMT40730 TCMT41355 TCNT51612 TCNT51613 TCNT52558 TCNT52559 TCNT61868 


The Arabidopsis RGA gene encodes a transcriptional regulator repressing the gibberellin signal transduction pathway.
Silverstone AL, Ciampaglio CN, Sun T. Plant Cell. 1998 Feb;10(2):155-69.

...... The recessive rga mutation is able to partially suppress phenotypic defects of the Arabidopsis gibberellin (GA) biosynthetic mutant ga1-3. Defects in stem elongation, flowering time, and leaf abaxial trichome initiation are suppressed by rga. This indicates ......

The new RGA locus encodes a negative regulator of gibberellin response in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Silverstone AL, Mak PY, Martinez EC, Sun TP. Genetics. 1997 Jul;146(3):1087-99.

...... homozygous) rga/gal-3 mutants are able to partially repress several defects of gal-3 including stem growth, leaf abaxial trichome initiation, flowering time, and apical dominance. The phenotype of the trigenic mutant (triple homozygous) rga/spy/gal-3 shows that rga and spy have additive effects regulating flowering time, abaxial leaf trichome initiation and apical dominance. This trigenic mutant is similar to wild type with respect to each of these developmental events. ......

Genetic and molecular regulation by DELLA proteins of trichome development in Arabidopsis.
Gan Y, Yu H, Peng J, Broun P. Plant Physiol. 2007 Nov;145(3):1031-42.

...... as well as the development of trichomes, which are faithful epidermal markers of shoot maturation. They modulate these developmental programs in part by antagonizing DELLA repressors of growth, GIBBERELLIC ACID INSENSITIVE (GAI) and REPRESSOR OF ga1-3 (RGA). In this study, we have probed the relative roles played by RGA, GAI, and two homologs, RGA-LIKE1 (RGL1) and RGL2, in these processes and investigated molecular mechanisms through which they influence epidermal differentiation. We ......