Gene Information
NCBI Gene ID 542808
Symbol CesA
LocusTag -
Synonyms -
Description CesA protein
Gene Type protein-coding
Pattern CesA|CesA protein
Corresponding sequence in Trichome EST library


Phylogenetically distinct cellulose synthase genes support secondary wall thickening in arabidopsis shoot trichomes and cotton fiber.
Betancur L, Singh B, Rapp RA, Wendel JF, Marks MD, Roberts AW, Haigler CH. J Integr Plant Biol 2010 Feb;52(2):205-20

...... Through exploring potential analogies between cotton seed trichomes (or cotton fiber) and arabidopsis shoot trichomes we discovered that CesAs from either the primary or secondary wall phylogenetic clades can support secondary wall thickening. CesA genes that typically support primary wall synthesis, AtCesA1,2,3,5, and 6, underpin expansion and secondary wall thickening of arabidopsis shoot trichomes. In contrast, apparent orthologs of CesA genes that support secondary wall synthesis in arabidopsis xylem, AtCesA4,7, and 8, are up-regulated for cotton fiber secondary wall deposition ......